Camille Olsen-Ormandy

We first met Camille when she was a kid, over lunches in our Brooklyn garden, and cafe catchups with her folks. She's always been so very creative, a true individual, and it's a pleasure and inspiration to enjoy her art, fashion and ideas, and to watch her exploring her own unique art journey, towards a bright future ahead.

Which town or city do you currently live in?: 
Sydney, Australia 


What are your favourite ways to relax:
I am all about relax time, meditation, warm baths, reading a book or crocheting.
I always find time to look after myself. 

How do you express yourself creatively?
From the clothes I wear, to paintings I create, the environments I surround myself in, it is all encompassing. 

5 words that you live your life by: 
Curiosity, passion, authenticity, play and acceptance 

Some of your favourite places in the world:
The Louisiana museum of modern art in Copenhagen
The Met’s European Sculpture Court in New York
Sydney harbour beaches for a picnic at sunset 
National Portrait Gallery in London 
The Rodin museum in Paris 
And the garden of the Nezu museum in Tokyo

How do I shorten the list !! XD