The aim of Jeremyville is to create change in a real & meaningful way within our community, through these 8 pillars, with a memorable and unique visual & written language. We work with any medium that best tells the story, message or feeling, simply and poetically. It could be a street newspaper, a comic, giant public sculptures, a complete neighborhood immersive experience. Animation. Murals. Retail pop ups. Anything that best conveys the idea.

The main aim is to share a feeling, to start a dialog, and to bring something touching, positive and thought-provoking into our daily lives. To change the world, one person at a time. Everyone on earth deserves to be the best they can be, and art has the power to create that change in us. Join Jeremyville on our shared journey to bring change into this world.

1 Love PANTONE 514u
2 Nature & Us PANTONE 354u
3 Surrealism PANTONE 2597u
4 Physical activity PANTONE 318u
5 Sense of play PANTONE 607u
6 Earth care PANTONE 634u
7 Community PANTONE 1775u
8 Mental health PANTONE BLACK