Freya Plum

We first met Freya at Carina restaurant in Philadelphia, and started talking about London, her ballet career, and he plans for the future. Most often, real life random connections are the best, as you feel a person's energy, and they become a part of that day's tapestry.

Then we asked her if her Instagram quote "Cosmic Dancer" referenced the Marc Bolan song, and she said yes, so that sealed it! Thanks for being a part of this, Freya!

Freya Plum

Instagram handle: 

Which town or city do you currently live in?:
Philadelphia, PA

What are your favourite ways to relax?
Long walks, mindfulness, quality time with the people I love, reading, and watching ballets on Youtube.

How do you express yourself creatively?
Through dance. I was reared in classical Russian ballet, and have since grown to develop a personal style using influence from all the unique styles I learned as a dance student at Bryn Mawr College. I find the creative expression comes most organically through improvisation. When creating a piece, I tend to record myself improvising to music that inspires me and embracing what follows. 

5 words that you live your life by: 
Beautiful things happen every day.

Some of your favourite places in the world: 

London, UK where I was born & lived as a child

Los Angeles, CA where I grew up

Praia/Tarrafal, Cabo Verde where I recently studied dance and met gems of people

My extended family’s home in Hertfordshire, UK

Philadelphia, PA my chosen home where I have studied and worked for nearly three years. I think of Philly as a midpoint between London and LA. It’s telling that I finished my degree a year ago and the city still hasn’t gotten rid of me!