Oksana Moonyoga

We met the lovely Oksana in Shanghai, during a Lululemon event for 'World Mental Health' day. Oksana is a ray of sunshine, bringing her positive vibes to the world with her Yoga teachings. We love her daily posts on instagram, inspiring her community to embrace physical well being. 

Which town or city do you currently live in?
Shanghai, China


What are your favourite ways to relax: 
Watching the sunset, massage, music.

How do you express yourself creatively?: 
I step on the yoga mat and start moving. Listening to my body needs and connecting to it through the movement. I like to film videos of freestyle flows or yoga tutorials.

Also I love journaling, it’s like giving myself time and safe space to express all the things I feel, think or worrying about. Usually it becomes a very powerful creative moment for me. Sometimes I write poems or short novels. 

5 words that you live your life by: 
yoga, dance, teaching, cooking, traveling.

Some of your favourite places in the world: 
Shanghai, Bali, Ukraine, California.