Milk or black coffee?
Jeremyville: Iced oat Latte
Bills pancakes or corn fritters?
Jeremyville: Corn Fitters
If New York is the Big Apple, what is Sydney?
Jeremyville: The Big Bondi Rip: it pulls you in and takes you places.
If you could collaborate with any brand or artist in the universe, who would it be & why?
Jeremyville: I’d love to work with myself from 30 years in the future, the future Jeremyville. He’d know all the stuff to prioritise and things to leave behind. I sometimes imagine what would he do, and act accordingly.
Excluding coffee, what else would you be a mess without?
Jeremyville: My diary, sketchbook & pens. And my shadow…
It proves I’m still here.

Single O

Instagram handle: 
@single_o  @single_ojapan

Which town or city do you currently live in? 

What are your favourite ways to relax:
Too much good coffee 'round here to be relaxing!

How do you express yourself creatively?
By creating delicious seasonal blends, part art, part science. By letting legends like Jeremyville take over our packaging. By conceptualising solutions for the cafe space where we can. (Working with industrial designers to bring equipment and tech to life like The Juggler Milk On Tap system and Batch Brew On Tap.

5 words that you live your life by: 
'Nudge Coffee Forward' 'It's the vibe.'

Some of your favourite places in the world:
For the cups they give us and more, Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru, Colombia, Sumatra, PNG, the list goes on.

We also recently wrote something for the back of the Jeremyville & Bill's coffee bag, here it is:

Was there something in the water in Darlinghurst in the early nineties?

Down a lane, Architecture student Jeremy was forging a new kind of self-taught art. He landed an Editorial Illustrator gig at SMH, then conceived ‘Studio Jeremyville’, a modern model of an artist studio business.While on a nearby corner, an art school dropout named Bill was putting his cooking skills and self-employed ambitions into play, creating ‘bills’, which was to become a sort of blueprint for the contemporary Australian café.

Jeremyville’s creative world of public art, giant sculptures, animation and publishing now spans worldwide.Alongside partners Megan and Neil, they’ve created installations for the Brooklyn Museum, and projects withColette and Lacoste through to Adidas and Apple.There are now 19 bills spanning Australia, the UK, Japan and Korea. They bring the hospitality balance that Bill Granger has given Sydney for decades; approachable meets high quality. And they deliver Bill’s OG creation, Avocado on Toast. Biggest café phenomenon outside of the Flat White!

Now that we’ve established there were Originality Ions/Entrepreneur Salts in the Darlo water, let’s get to this here Art Bag Project edition.

Jeremyville has created a cracker for us, inspired by his now local when in Sydney – bills Bondi. If he’s ‘A Mess Without Coffee’, we reckon it’s not so much because he’s missing caffeine, but because community interactions fuel his art. “I love the hello that sets you up for the day. The sparking conversations. The way cafes capture the soul of an area.” says Jeremy.

Cheers to that, and to these two inspiring businesses, both rocking a first name, and walking to the beat of their own drum.